25 Jan

Hello, and welcome to 25 Research Things 2011!

[ Flickr photo by Felicia Wichrowski ]
Over the next nine weeks, this online learning course will give you a friendly introduction to web 2.0. You’ll have a chance to experiment with tools and techniques, from blogs to Twitter to social bookmarking. Each week we’ll give you two or three ‘things’ to look at, and a few simple tasks to help you get started using them. We’ll ask you to reflect on how you could use each ‘thing’ to enhance your work as a researcher.
The first week of ‘things’ will be posted on Monday 31 January, so don’t forget to check back then to get started.
If you want to know a bit more about the background of the 25 Things idea, visit this website. We think Huddersfield and the Research Information Network are the first to run a ‘things’ course purely for researchers, so we are breaking new ground!
If you’ve got any questions, you can contact us on 25researchthings@gmail.com.

Stop Press!!

We’ve saved the best news until last! If you stick with us through the whole 25 Things, we’ll enter all University of Huddersfield ‘thingers’ into a free draw to win an Amazon Kindle e-book reader courtesy of the Research Information Network, so now you have no excuse!

We’re looking forward to starting this journey with you and don’t forget we’ll be there right through the course to chat!

The 25 Research Things Team

Ellen Collins (Research Information Network)
Dave Pattern (Huddersfield)
Graham Stone (Huddersfield)


One Response to “Welcome!”

  1. Marilyn Kirshbaum February 16, 2011 at 7:43 pm #

    Starting a bit late – have serious home PC problems and getting a bit traumatised by technology. Just staying hello.

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